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Frequent asked questions.

A rib is one of the metal or wooden poles under the canopy
Measure the rib length and multiply this by 2
The canopy is 100% polyester with a cotton look to it. The material is water- and dirt resistant 
A valance is an extra piece of material, like a " skirt ", around the edge of the sun-umbrella canopy.
A wind-escape is a hood with wide openings at the top of the sun-umbrella canopy. These openings let air through, preventing the canopy to be blown away by wind easily.
Aslong as the canopy has not been removed from its original package, you may return it.
Of course this is possible. However extra postage will be charged.
Yes we can. The postage is Euro 25,00 for 1-5 kilo. (one canopy)
This is possible. But only on appointment, so we can be sure someone will be there.
It is possible. However, we do not recommend this. Because this will also wash out the protection layer. Instead, we suggest removing small spots by way of dapping with a wet cloth, using water only.
This is not likely. You can safely widen the hole at the center of the canopy, if necessary. The material will not tear.
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